Welcome to My eCom Direct a division of eCom Direct, Inc.
At eCom Direct our professionally trained staff members will afford our Clients the opportunity to remain focused on their ‘Primary Active Income’ and/or College endeavor while we serve on their behalf to build a solid ‘Secondary Residual Income’ stream from multiple direct marketing programs


We have positioned ourselves to become a world renowned international eBusiness company that will provide a guidepost for this industry plus, eCom Direct will strictly enforce product quality and service control for all the direct marketing programs we feature - Zero Tolerance for pyramid scams.

The tremendous concepts we introduce will bring new light to the direct marketing industry: 1) We acquire customers on the behalf of our Clients using the Client’s ‘Warm Market’ list and/or eCom Direct’s “Wireless Matrix” program, 2) No Long Term Obligations, 3) No Contracts and 4) No Credit Checks. We prove our dedication to our clients by providing an Easy Registration and Secure Billing Process.

We will always strive to keep you amazed by our eBusiness developments, and help you to experience phenomenal growth within your respective organization.

Our Objective:
The redistribution of wealth is a key element in the success of any direct marketing program. We focus on your success – your success grades our success. We work for you while you maintain productive results from you primary job or while you stay focus on getting the best education possible. We want to help you add the additional financial security to your retirement plan or help you to be debt free before you graduate.

Our Mission:
To advocate the simplicity of active desire and reveal how this concept can open new doors to diversity. To afford our team members the opportunity to achieve economic empowerment and the true ability to excel. To create an alliance with leverage positioned business partners that will carry on the intended positive path of multi-level marketing onward to mega-level marketing
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